American History 119

I need 1 to 2 paragraphs for each of the four categories of the commodities. See the attachment

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Assignment 3374

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I have the lab, please write the lab report and use the lab template for report. Also please check the attached excel files if it is helpful for graphs, use it. if not ignore it.

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I Need Apa Paper 9

1.SAMPLE WIKI ENTRY i need similar to this with references

Strategic Risk Management



Catherine Albury (2013) “Steps for CFO improvement in strategic risk management”


Strategic risk management is an important aspect of protection of an organization’s resources. The article highlights that it’s very important to have strategic risk management since we don’t know the time risk may occur. This has been a big gap left for big while by corporations and its now time that they put a lot of resources and time for strategic risk management to avoid getting to losses. This can only e achieved if the top management are willing to take correct interventions to save the organization from emerging issues.

The best way of solving the situations is by the use of actions and decisions of line management which can be used in protection from the excessive risk in the organizations. The top management are entitled to develop the strategies that will help in curbing the gap between them and the ground employees. They are supposed to analyze the risk that the subordinate staff are providing in the risk list. This will offer a better chance of critically coming up with solutions to mitigate them.

In the article, the writer gives steps that the CFOs should use so as to improve strategic risk management:

Building a link between business planning process and the risk management to develop a good integration that will synchronize all the process In the business plan into one; Organize the corporate discussions that are geared to development of strategic plan of risk management; Another step is for CFOs to communicate on investment and strategic decisions using the risk analytics, they are supposed to come up with decisions that are based on the facts derived from the risk analytics. This will then guide the top management on the appropriate action to take.

2)chapter 6 presented the approach the LEGO Group used to implement ERM, and chapter 9 presented a discussion and case study on implementing ERM in a higher education environment. Please explain how ERM adoption and implementation in the higher education (HE) environment differs from the for-profit environment. Cite specific examples from this week’s readings.

To complete this assignment, you must do the following:

A) Create a new thread. As indicated above, explain how ERM adoption and implementation in the higher education (HE) environment differs from the for-profit environment. Cite specific examples from this week’s readings. In your explanation, discuss at least three points or aspects in which the implementing ERM in the two environments differ.

B) Select AT LEAST 3 other students’ threads and post substantive comments on those threads, evaluating the pros and cons of that student’s recommendations. Your comments should extend the conversation started with the thread.I can post this 3 others reply after given the discussion

I need two separate answers each a paper with Scholarly sources with refrences

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Homework E Coli Contaminations

Most types of Escherichia coli (E. coli) , a common bacterium, are not dangerous. In fact, billions of harmless and even helpful E. coli live in your digestive tract right now. But the type isolated from food poisoning victims are often a strain called O157:H7. E. coli O157:H7 attaches to cells lining the large intestine and releases toxins, causing severe cramping and diarrhea. This dangerous type of E. coli first burst onto the scene in a food-poisoning outbreak in Oregon in 1982 and then resurfaced again and again, peaking in 1993, when 732 people across Washington state became sick and 4 died from O157:H7 contaminated burgers. In 2019, it appeared to have reared its ugly head once again. American panicked. Romaine lettuce caused at least 5 deaths and more than 205 people across 26 states had become very sick, with 15 percent of them suffering kidney failure. How can bacteria from the digestive system have gotten onto baby spinach to contaminate it? What are the implications of the safety of our food system? Do some research to determine the source of this outbreak and hypothesize why this O157:H7 was more harmful and infectious than prior outbreaks.

Prepare a one-page, 250 word paper, analyzing the issue above. Be sure to back up your point with at least one reliable scientific website.

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Communication Negotiation And Conflict Resolution

Instructions: 1. This is a leadership and managment assignment. Review case study. Answer questions. Write a summary and upload a copy.

2. Envision being the RN experiencing the situation and comment on how you would handle the situation. Post focusing on leadership and management critical thinking and strageties. Class members reply to comments in “discussions”.

Nursing Now Case Study

Chapter 11: Communication, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution

Case Study

Phyllis, a 72-year-old woman who developed slurred speech and weakness in her right arm and hand, was referred from her primary care provider’s office to a hospitalist for admission and evaluation of a possible TIA. Her admitting physical evaluation by the RN showed an elderly, but otherwise generally healthy patient. Phyllis’ admission lab tests were all within normal limits except for her CBC which showed a moderate degree of anemia. The hospitalist attributed this to a diet low in iron, which is not unusual among the elderly, and started her on an iron supplement during hospitalization. He also ordered a stool for occult blood because anemia can be caused by GI bleeding from ulcers and other illnesses.

Phyllis’ neurologic condition rapidly improved with anticoagulant treatment and physical therapy and she was discharged home three days after admission. The stool for occult blood test was never done by the hospital staff and went unnoticed by the discharging physician, who was different from the hospitalist who had admitted her. One of the discharge instructions from the RN for Phyllis, in addition to the use and side effects of anticoagulants taken at home, a high iron diet and iron supplements, was to contact her primary care provider for follow-up to determine the cause of the anemia. The discharging physician did not schedule an appointment with the primary care provider.

Ten days after discharge, Phyllis was admitted to the ER with severe abdominal pain, low blood pressure and a weak thread pulse. After an MRI of the abdomen, she was diagnosed with a ruptured intestinal diverticulum and major interabdominal bleeding.

She was immediately taken to surgery, where a section of her large intestine was resected and a colostomy was performed.

After reviewing her chart from her previous admission, her primary care RN asked

Phyllis if she had seen her primary care provider for the follow-up on the anemia, which may have detected the impending GI bleed and reduced the severity of the surgery. The client responded that she had called about an appointment and the office clerk had asked her if her speech and weakness were improved. After replying “yes,” the office clerk told Phyllis that all she needed to do was to keep her next routinely scheduled appointment in two months. The records from the recent hospitalization had not been reviewed by anyone at the office, and the primary care provider was not aware of the patient’s anemia that had been identified in the hospital.


  • As with most patient errors, there was a chain of events that led up to the final result.

List the chain of events involved with the client’s case.

  • Who was primarily responsible for causing the poor outcome in this case?
  • If an RN Patient Safety Officer was reviewing this case, what sentinel events would he or she identify as needing risk reduction policies?
  • What would you do to correct the events that lead to the poor outcome for Phyllis?
  • What are the ethical issues involved in this case?

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Forest Fire Assignment

Forest Fire Assignment (20 pts)

Due October 1 by 11:59 pm

1st watch the 60 Minutes segment from 2013!

60 Min from 2013—seven years ago!

2nd watch the Trump Interview (Sept14, 2020)

3rd look at fire statistics since 2013 60 Minutes segment

Wildfire Facts and Stats…

This assignment is worth double the amount of points [20 points total]

First part of assignment…

How have fire management practices changed in the past 100 years regarding US forests? Why were these changes proposed and carried out?

Does Scandanavia sweep their forests?—why don’t they have massive fires??

How have fires in the last 10 years compared to previous times?

Second part of assignment…

Does climate change have any potential impact on forest fires? Why or why not?

With the knowledge you have gained outline a basic fire management program to introduce at your family’s next Thanksgiving Day feast—list your major initiatives and what you think needs to be done to reduce the forest fire threat over the next 10 years.

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Problem 1 3

Everyonehas been involved in projects. What is the largest project you havebeen involved in? (You do not have to have been the project manager, butcould have played another role.)

  1. Write one sentence that describes the objective of the project.
  2. Describespecifically how this project meets the definition of a project used inthis textbook. (How is it unique? What were the time constraints? If itis over, how did you know it was over? If it is ongoing, how will youknow when it is over?
  3. What was your role? Were you the project manager, a volunteer, some other role? If you were not the project manager, who was?
  4. Was the project part of a larger portfolio or program of projects?
  5. Who else was involved?
  6. What was the budget?
  7. Didyou anticipate any risks at the outset? Did the project experience anyoutside forces that caused a change in either the objectives or theapproach to achieving those objectives?

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Determine The Incident Type And Explain Your Reasoning What Resources Were Deployed For This Incident What Protocols Were Implemented Successfully And Which Were Unsuccessful Discuss Way To Improve The R

For this week’s discussion, we will be looking at local or national response protocols that were initiated during a critical incident, and you will choose your topic!

Search reputable local and national media for a man-made disaster to discuss.

Search for critical instances such as: hostage situations, mass shootings, multiple-vehicle or mass transit accidents with multiple critical injuries, and disease outbreaks.

In your initial post, describe the incident and address the following:

  • Determine the incident type and explain your reasoning.
  • What resources were deployed for this incident?
  • What protocols were implemented successfully, and which were unsuccessful?
  • Discuss way to improve the response to this type of incident in the future.

Support your answer with evidence. Please provide a working link to your story source.

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Discussions 300

Shondra – Case Study

Shondra tells you that whenever she has a reading assignment in her Introduction to Biology course, she goes into her bedroom to be alone, closes the door to keep any noise out, and then lies down on her bed and starts reading the chapter. Inevitably, within a few minutes she loses concentration or falls asleep. She tells you the material is so boring that even when she does get through an entire chapter; she has no idea what she has read. Shondra wants to be a physical therapist someday, so it is essential that she pass her Biology course, but with a total of twenty-five chapters to get through this term, she fears she will fail.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is Shondra doing right when she prepares to read? What is she doing wrong?
  2. What changes could Shondra make to help her stay awake and focused on her textbook as she reads?
  3. Does Shondra appear to be following the steps of active reading, and how can you tell?
  4. What changes could Shondra make to help improve her understanding of the material she is reading?
  5. Do you have any other recommendations that might improve Shondra’s reading comprehension?

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