250 Words The Bureaucracy

Thebureaucracy is large and contains many different offices doing manydifferent things (e.g. the EPA regulating pollution, the interiordepartment determining which sites should be protected landmarks, theCFPB suing banks for violating duties to customers, etc.). Find anarticle detailing what a given part of our bureaucracy is currentlyworking on, provide the link and complete the following: 1) provide acomplete summary of the article, 2) address any biases you see in thearticle or any evidence that disproves it, and 3) explain your opinionabout the viewpoint of the article or the subject matter it isdiscussing (for example, do you agree with what the bureaucracy isdoing? What would you change and why?).

The following is applicable to all article assignments: Studentsmust find their own articles for this assignment, students may not useany of the supplementary articles posted on mylearning for an articleassignment. Articles should be current event news articles, fromreliable news sources (e.g. The Washington Post, The New York Times, USAToday, etc.). Online articles are acceptable as long as the sourcehas a print presence (e.g. Nytimes.com is acceptable because the NewYork Times is also available in paper form. The Huffington Post wouldnot be acceptable because it is an online medium only). Articles shouldbe news articles, not opinion pieces. The point of the articleassignments is to find current events relevant to what we are discussingin class.

All research, including the article you are using for this assignment, should be cited in APA format.

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