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  • Introduce the ethical issue and the position that you intend to defend
    • Explain why the topic is important or why readers should care about the issue especially in the health care environment
  • Thesis statement
    • The thesis statement is the central position you will be arguing in this research paper. The thesis statement should be clear, concise, and defined.
    • In your thesis statement, you should take a specific stand on the selected ethical issue. For example, you may construct your thesis as follows: “The use of euthanasia is an immoral choice even when the patient is in constant, extreme pain”, or “It is immoral for patients to choose euthanasia even when suffering constant, extreme pain.”
    • Explain how your argument will be structured along which you will be arguing in support of your thesis statement


The purpose of the background is to lay the foundation for proving your argument. The background will include the following:

  • Summary of works being discussed
  • Definition of key terms-define key terms/concepts
  • Explanation of universal values and principles in ethical decision making-briefly describe the key universal values and principles that support the ethical issue

Length and APA Requirements: 3 to 4 pages (can exceed the minimum length requirement). Utilize at minimum four appropriate references (i.e. scholarly resources, newspapers, books, PBSC library databases, Google Scholar, etc.) and in-text citations-APA styleLength & APA Requirement

The ethics of disaster managementEthical Issue: Should the allocation of resources be a factor in providing appropriate care in theface of modern, natural or man-made disasters?

Reason for choosing the topic

The topic is important since it addresses the critical aspects of disaster management based on thepriorities and the funding issues that must be adhered to for the success of the various projectsand aspects. Necessarily, there is always the quality aspects of care in disaster such as modern,man-made or natural. The allocation of resources always play a role in the outcomes ofhealthcare and the fundamental issues that support the lives of the victims. As an ethical issue,allocation of resources play an integral role in the success of the measures available for thesupport of the medical programs and the available information at hand.Resource allocation in healthcare is one of the major issues that must be addressed to improvethe quality of healthcare system. The outcomes always vary and the need to work on crucialinterventions and ensure that basic and crucial approaches are implemented is regarded as keyand useful. The resources include the medical personnel, the medical supplies and other criticalelements that assist in responding to the disasters. Disasters as well are common and amultidisciplinary approach is recommended to provide remedy to the situations and ensure thatbasic and crucial measures are applied which is best and crucial especially in the reduction ofadversities. The success measures always work on comprehensive and best protocols especiallyfor mitigation of challenges and working on the best mechanisms of responding to disaster. Inevery disaster situation, there is destabilization of the normal operations and the resourceallocation department is needed to assist in mitigating the challenges through equal shares andother fundamental aspects that are good and successful in quality and timely response.

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