Answer The Discussion Below Please

Please READ the articles below to help you with this graded discussion. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


In your post please include the following:

1. Briefly describe what you do currently to mentally prepare yourself for your walks/exercise?

2. Elaborate on two ideas from the articles attached to this discussion and describe how you could incorporate them into your mental aspect of your exercise program?


Tips for success:

  • I recommend composing your content offline in a text editor and then copy and paste the text into your reply post. If something happens you will have an offline copy of all of your hard work!
  • Please note, if you are using Microsoft Word to compose offline, you may need to do some editing to the format when you paste it into the reply.
  • Please keep the post to only what is asked in the assignment – if you have questions or other comments please post them in the appropriate forum.
  • We should be able to read your post in the forum without having to open any additional

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