Answer The Following Prompt

Relational Communication Journal (12 @ 5 pts each/60 pts): This assignment asks you to reflect on how topics under study apply to your personal life. We will do this by extending course concepts beyond the classroom and into your interpersonal relationships. This course is designed to improve your communication skills. To achieve this, you will articulate your ideas in writing, rather than just “thinking about” your behaviors. Note: Anything you write will be held in total confidentiality. Grades will be a reflection of the quality of your work, not the quality of you as an individual.


Assignment Requirements:

  • This assignment requires that you speak in first person, that is use “I” and “me.”
  • Entry should be a full and proper paragraph.
  • The content of your paragraph should be clearly connected to the chapter reading. Outside sources are not acceptable. In your post, include a reference from the textbook chapter and include a citation (Chapter number, page number).
  • Do not include the prompt/questions in your post.
  • Yes, spelling and grammar count, so proofread before you post!
  • Entry should be at least 400 words total.

Posting Your Journal Entry: Type or cut/paste your assignment into the text box. Make sure you “submit” your post!

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