Assignment 10 It 472 1

Describe what your learned during this class that is valuable for you. Subject is IT 473.You earn full credit for giving a thoughtful answer. Please submit in APA format.

for what is the topic we learn below.

User Interface Design Process .

describe the SDLC process and compare and contrast the SDLC with all 7 known software development methodologies available today.

During the analysis phase, the analyst determines the functional requirements for the
new system. Explain what is meant by a functional requirement. What are two types of functional requirements?

he Unified Modeling Language (UML) was accepted as the standard language
for object development. Give examples of a static model and a dynamic model
in UML. How are the two kinds of models different?

Create a list of questions you will use to elicit requirements for a project. Think about functional and non-functional requirements and try to go several sub-task levels deep with your questioning. Categorize the questions by stakeholder interests.

– Describe the interrelationship between process and data

– describe the concept of a “system.”

– design a user interface menu structure. Show the menu options for a student. This will likely include drop down menu options
models and the CRUD matrix.

Note: These topics are for your information what I learned from this class. make sure Assignment sould be in APA format. minimum 3 to 4 pages(excluding front and reference page).

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