Assignment Need Asap Mit

Suggested length: 3-4 paragraphs or 1-1.5 page.

For all written assignments, use the formatting below:
a) Font: 11 pt
b) Spacing: single spacing

Read Project Workbook, p.5-7, regarding how to pick a good project idea (available under Team Project tab).
My suggestion is to start with “what bothers you in your everyday life!” Whenever something bothers you, then it is a problem. In your write-up, you should:
1) briefly define the business problem you desire to solve (i.e., it could be something that bothers you in your everyday life), and
2) propose a potential IT solution (i.e., it could be as simple as a new mobile app or website, or even an additional feature to be added).

The only requirement is that your idea must make financial sense, meaning that the IT solution you propose is expected to help the firm either
1) increase sales revenue, or
2) reduce operational cots.

see the book attach

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