Assignments And Replies 3 Docs Separate

Hey Support, Rodgers here again from Ohio State Uni

I need help with the attached document, it should be pretty easy for your writers. I need 3 separate documents as follows

Part 1 and part 2, each 275 words long, on their own separate documents

Part 3 on its own documents with replies to the posts. Your reply should give your thoughts about that post and you can also add more info to it. Each reply should not exceed 100 words

I will currently use the free question credit you awarded me from my last question to post then i will pay as i always do from my card as tip.

So please advice your writers to bid at the same price i posted. Will pay for this question and the other two, all in one as i indicated earlier from my card. For this am willing to pay 75 usd , at the end of the question, as a tip deposit.

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