Biology Worksheet Community Ecology

Worksheet #4

Community Ecology Ch. 37

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Community Structure

Define community:

Define ecological niche:

Interactions between populations in a single environment

What are some interspecific interactions between individuals of different species? How will these interactions influence the community in general? Be sure to include at least three interactions.

Describe the different the trophic levels:


Primary consumer

Secondary consumer

Tertiary consumer

Quaternary consumer

What are the other trophic levels that depend on detritus?

How species affect their environments

What two components will define a community’s species diversity?

Define Keystone species:

How do disturbances affect a community? Are disturbances always bad?

What happens if you introduce a species to an environment that has no natural predators? How will this introduction affect the community and species richness?

Compare the energy cycle of a vegetation to that of a meat eater. Which type of diet is better for the environment?

The ecosystem

Outline the following chemical cycles and how each affects their environment. Include the organisms that are involved in each.

Carbon cycle

Phosphorus cycle

Nitrogen cycle

Give some examples of how we can be more sustainable in regards to the environment. Apply what you know about populations, communities and ecosystems to form your answer.

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