Business Law And Ethics For Managers Discussions

According to the creators of the video that you watched, Being Your Best Self: Moral Awareness:

“Moral awareness is the ability to detect and appreciate the ethical aspects of a decision that one must make. Moral awareness is the first step to acting ethically. If in their personal or professional lives people do not recognize the ethical dimensions of an issue they face, they may act unethically without even realizing it. The most significant problem here is attentional. People can become so focused on pleasing the boss, on being part of the team, or producing goals that the ethical dimensions of an issue can fade from view.” (emphasis added)

Would you agree that if you have your ethical antennae up that you will be more likely to detect an ethical issue you face than if you are focusing completely on pleasing your boss, being part of your team, or perhaps meeting a production quota? What does that tell you about how you have to approach your job if you wish to be a moral person?

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