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Objective 2: Learn from experienced conflict resolvers.

So much about being an instrument of peace is to conquer the raging lion within us and see the inestimable value of working for peace, whether on the smallest or largest of scales. This is often caught not just taught.

You will know people in your life that understand conflict and regularly help others to resolve it well. Examples include counselors, mentors, pastors, Christian mediators, small group leaders. It could also be managers of a company, etc. For this interview do not use a family member or very close friend.

Learning Activity #3: Conflict Resolver Interview

Start with reviewing a link titled 8 habits of a conflict resolver at

Taking into account your interviewee’s background and/or profession, interview the individual as to his/her best take-aways on how to help people resolve conflict, and how they deal with conflict and build accord (in their church or business). What have been their observations?


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