Can You Write A Business Style Memorandum

I have attached the memorandum sample style along with a rubric/checklist to go by for this assignment.

Where must the students get the material for these papers? For the first 4 writing assignments, students must read (or listen to) at least twenty minutes from one of the following: A business book, periodical, web site, podcast, or blogA popular press periodical article, web site, podcast, or blog that specifically deals with business (Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, etc)A personal development book, web site, podcast, or blog

For the purpose of this assignment the material the students read (or listen to) must relate to either…Good business practicesBusiness in actionSomething that affects business (legal, political, economic, cultural, global, etc.)Personal development and improvement in some area of the student’s lifeTo obtain content for this assignment, students may not use…Material from other classes they are taking (lectures, textbooks, assignments, etc.)Fictional material (e.g., a novel) unless it is a “business parable” (Who Moved My Cheese)

In regards to style, specifically the following style must be adhered to by all submitted documents.Sentences must be as succinct as possible. Long, run on sentences will not be acceptable.Sentences should be no more than approximately 120 characters in length.

Paragraphs should be focused and succinct. A reasonable target should be four to sixshort sentences per paragraph. Most paragraphs should fall in this range. No paragraphs should be substantially longer than this.

Each paragraph must start with a topical or transitional sentence.

Each document must convincingly tell the reader in the first paragraph why the reader should be reading it.

Each document must specifically tell the reader in the last paragraph what the student would expect the reader to do with the informatio

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