Ch 1 Interpersonal Process Quot Communicating An Image Quot 1

Please review attached assignment file to complete and submit assignment.

NOTE: You need to write at least 300 words (double spaced, 12pt font in Times New Roman) for this assignment

Part 1: The first part of this assignment is to review characteristics of communication competency discussed on pp. 19-23 about for this assignment. (link to the textbook in pdf form is provided at the bottom)

Part 2:

Question: A new position is opening at work, and you want it. Your immediate supervisor is likely the one to make the final decision. What are some of your options for making yourself look especially good so you can secure this new position?

Note: please incorporate the following “Characteristics of Competent Communications” in your response with examples:

1. A large repertoire of skills

2. Adaptability

3. Ability to perform skillfully

4. Empathy/Perspective taking

5. Cognitive complexity

6. Self-monitoring

* provide examples for each characteristic as if you were answering the questions for yourself.

* No need for any citations or references, it is only self-related thoughts response.

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