Communication Business 1

Answer the following questions with at least 250 words each question


When a company suffers a setback, should you soften the impact by letting out the bad news a little at a time? Why or why not? Try and use different examples.


Why is it important to have an organized approach to finding a new job? Do you have a present (or historical) strategy that you have found to be successful?

3.Website Planning:

Why is it important to identify all the paths that users are likely to take at a website before creating new content for a new website? Can you think of a website that is well planned?

4. Social Media :

Should a company ever counterattack when its reputation is being challenged online? For example, should a company try to undermine the credibility of people who are complaining about it in social media? Why or why not? Please include examples.

5.Landing a job :

You’ve been on the receiving end of advertising for most of your life; what can you apply from your experience to the task of applying for jobs? What works, and what doesn’t work? How can someone make it from candidate to employee? What makes the job search successful?

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