Criminal Db 10

As the jail administrator, you are reviewing disciplinary reports. One inmate has been written up for possession of contraband. During a routine cell search, the following contraband was found:

–1 broken razor

–10 pills

A review of the inmate‘s file shows that he is 36 years old and is in jail for the first time on vehicular homicide charges. The inmate has no history of mental health issues, but he came into the jail exhibiting signs of severe depression, indicating thoughts of suicide, extreme guilt over the death of the other driver, and repeatedly told the arresting officer that he should have died, too. Officer comments indicate that the inmate receives 2 pills per day from medical for depression, but apparently he has not been taking them. The inmate has not been seen by the mental health staff since he was booked 3 weeks ago.

  • What basic need might be contributing to the inmate’s negative behavior? What actions will you take to meet the basic need?

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