Cross Contour

Find 3-5 simple objects to draw, such as fruit or vegetables. Set them up on a table in an arrangement.

Step #1: On your 14″ x 17″ paper practice drawing s of the objects with your HB and 4B or 6B pencils. Draw the contour lines, then the lines as you imagine to describe the form of the objects. Pull the lines in toward the stems and ends of the fruit for a more three-dimensional effect. Once you are satisfied with the lines you retrace the lines and darken them with your 4B or 6B pencils.

Here is a scale that explains the pencil hardnesses. The harder the pencil in the “H” range the lighter the pencil will mark. The softer the pencil in the “B” range the darker the pencil will mark. An HB is the equivalent of the #2 pencil.

pencils and marks illustrating lightness to darkness

Step #2: Once you are comfortable drawing the objects on your practice drawing, try it again on your either your 14″ x 17″ or 18″ x 24″ paper. Consider how the objects are arranged in space, such as distance apart from each other and overlapping. Try to have the objects arranged, so that they are not too evenly spaced or symmetrical on the paper. Represent them in their natural space to show the space of how they are sitting on the table.

Remember to take a 1/2 way photo and include a name/date card placed outside of the frame of the drawing of the final drawing.

LAMC Student Work

 drawing of a gourd and fruit

Selene Cortes Enriquez

a hat, a bottle, a fan
Brenda Maycott

 drawing of a show and fruit

Valerie Mata

 drawing of chair legs, a skull, a Buddha head and other objects

Jennifer Sanchez

 draw of an eye, a star, an apple, and a bunch of bananas

rubric attached

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