Cultural Competency Amp Diversity Assignment

  1. Cultural self-awareness pertains to the level of understanding each of us has about how we are influenced by the various cultural groups we belong to. Answer the following questions: (3 points)
  • How does my or my family’s current socioeconomic status (class) affect how I spend vacations? (.25)
  • What are some values I’ve learned based on the region of the country where I grew up or live currently? (.25)
  • How do my religious, spiritual, and moral beliefs influence what I interpret as good and bad behavior? (.25)
  • How does my ethnic or racial group influence my understanding of how family members should support each other? (.25)
  • How do (how could) the various cultural groups that I belong to impact the way I interact with stakeholders in the nonprofit sector? Please address the following: (2 points)
  • Board Members and/or your supervisors and directors (people who might be in a position of authority over you)
  • Clients
  • Donors
  • Other Staff and/or Volunteers

2. Based on the class readings in the “State of Diversity” section of the module, answer the following questions: (minimum 2-3 sentence responses) (1.5 points)

  • Which of the findings related to diversity in the nonprofit sector did you find surprising? Why were they surprising? If nothing surprised you about the findings, explain why?
  • What strategies could you (or have you) implemented to build and retain a diverse and inclusive team at a nonprofit?
  • What are the sector’s biggest challenges to making the talent pipeline more diverse?

3. As a leader, you have an important role is creating a culturally competent organization. List 3 concrete actions you can take to build a more culturally competent organization (hint: go to the section in the module that discusses diversity plans). (1.5 points)

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