Current Issues In Psychology Psy 499 Ol02 2 Class Discussions Amp 4 Peer Responses

Hello, this is what I am in need of:

-2 Class discussions, 250-300 words each including at least 1 in-text citation

-4 Peer discussion responses 100-200 words each

** I will provide peer responses upon acceptance of this question**

Discussion 1 instructions:

Read this article and this article, and then discuss the following:

Article 1-

Article 2- (they are not the same this article is older)

  1. What are the methods used?
  2. What are the primary results?
  3. What is the significance of the study?
  4. Provide a brief criticism of the study including proposals for future research.

Discussion 2 instructions:

Read this article, and then discuss discuss how the field of cognitive psychology has changed since the 1950’s when radical behaviorism was the dominant paradigm in psychology.


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