dance history concert review

Concert Review:

For your concert review you will select one concert (links provided in this module) to critically discuss. This is not a history report. This is an analysis that weaves together what you observe in the dance in relation to the concepts of this course.

Consider how the trends of aesthetics, values of culture, and the theories we have studied in this course deepen how you look at and understand dance.

Start by reviewing U2 “Writing About Dance” to see sample concert dance reviews, and refresh your use of movement analysis language.

Concert Review Options

Watch the following four pieces, which equal the length of a full dance concert. Then choose ONE that interests you to write your analysis on. Be sure to research the choreographer or company you choose to aid you in writing your review.

Paul Taylor: Promethean Fire (Links to an external site.)

Donald Mc Kayle: Rainbow Round my Shoulder (Links to an external site.)

Bebe Miller: Sel Fou! (Links to an external site.)

David Dorfman: Around Town (Links to an external site.)

  • 4 pages, double spaced, 1 inch margin, .12 font
  • Intro/Body/Conclusions, proof read and spell checked.
  • Cite sources as appropriate (page numbers for text, timestamps for video)
  • Include two sources (in addition to the concert) with concrete examples to support your analysis. Draw on sources from this module. Additional sources welcomed, however check carefully for validity. (Avoid personal blogs, etc.

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