Decision Making And Problem Solving 21

Questions: Critical Thinking

1. identify the problem and (and other sub problems)

a) main problem

b) sub problem

2. what could be the cause of the problem?

(a) causes of the problem-5 way technique

a) why-1

b) why-2

c) why-3

d) why-4

e) why-5

(b) develop a cause and effect diagram

3. Gather information: what information should you gather that would be helpful to know before making the decision?

4. Consider various choices of the solution?

5. Make decision. what should you do?

6. Evaluate the decision. why do you think this is the best decision possible?

**** I will provide the case study ****

*** I may also provide some Chegg Answers if you want for (Question 1&2) but make sure you don’t plagiarize your work***

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