Description And Explanation

1- (WORD format only)

2- must mention question number clearly in their answer

3- Avoid plagiarism, the work must be in your own words

4-All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced)

5-make it simple , easy to understand with zero plagiarism.

…About :

  • Demonstrate the concept of operations functions, supply chain strategy and issues required for a new production design.
  • Exhibit the factors to determine the production and service processes.
  • Demonstrate process-flow analysis, process design solutions, operations strategies in the business operation.
  • Exhibit effective leadership skills and teamwork capacity in making decisions, re location and layout strategies, taking cognizance of human resources and work methods/job design

* i will accompany you with sample answers from the students, but do not copy them, please !! We’ll take zero !! Just to make it easier for you to clarify the idea.

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