(Diabetes) 13-15 PPT Slide & 3 References: Human Nutrition

Topic:A Disease that can be caused by poor nutrition, poor health, poor choices; Topics will be DIABETESContent:The presentation needs to be on topic, relating to and including:• The history of who “discovered” the disease, when, how, etc. (background information)•Provide a comprehensive overview of the disease. Things to consider:Can a person inherit the disease? Be given the disease by another person? Or is it acquired by health choices?Discuss the onset. When does the disease show itself?Describe the symptoms of the disease. What physically occurs for the individual?Characterize the disease in terms of relevant statistics in the US as compared to globally.Examine the life expectancy for an individual with the disease. What is the longevity after diagnosis?Describe any social or cultural details trends specific to this disease. Does it affect certain groups of people more than others?• Describe any current clinical trials and/or research being conducted by major researchers or pharmaceutical companies.• Is there a potential solution? (cure, drugs, etc.)Slides: Create a 13- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi® presentation. Include a title slide, introduction, content, conclusion, and a references slide.Include relevant images, graphs, charts and media clips specific to your disease. Avoid overemphasis on Clip Art.Speaker notes in paragraph form that detail the implications of each slide are strongly encouraged.Citations & References:a minimum of three references- the course text and two additional references.All presentations must have a reference slide adhering to APA format. Relevant images should be included and cited.


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