Directions The Purpose Of This Assignment Is To Get Us Thinking About Vertical Farming We Will Watch A 3 Minute Video And Then Respond To Prompts With A Short Essay You Will Upload Your Essay As Online T


  • The purpose of this assignment is to get us thinking about vertical farming.
  • We will watch a 3-minute video and then respond to prompts with a short essay.
  • You will upload your essay as online text (e.g. copy and paste, or type it in the box).
  • Please click the “Submit Assignment” button to get started with writing the essay after you’ve watched the video.


  • First, watch this video on Vertical Farming (Links to an external site.), with closed captions and transcript provided.
  • Then, consider the following two prompts, using the information you learned from this video.

Questions to Consider

  1. What is vertical farming?
  2. Why is it potentially beneficial for our environment?


  • 5 points total
  • Write to two specific topics, outlined above
  • 100 minimum words total
  • Complete sentences
  • Proper spelling and grammar

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