Discussion 5088

respond in the paragraph below in 5 sentences:

One of the levels of influence is intrapersonal which is in putting forth the most effect on individual ways of life, meaning one’s motivations or their aspirations for life. The models that correctly go with intrapersonal are the Health Belief Model, Stage of Change Model, and the Theory of Planned Behavior.

Another level of influenzas is interpersonal, which is when you focus and study the well-beings of other and their relationships, such as giving advice and showing compassions towards someone. The model that correlates with interpersonal is the Social Cognitive Theory.

The final level of influence is the population and community focus. The population and community focus is when you study the well-being of the environment around you such as the norms and traditions of the community. The model that correlates with this idea is the Diffusion of Innovation Theory.

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