Discussion 5383

What is a tip you practice to learn a foreign language? Share some advice for us, please. 🙂

Please share a brief response to the questions, and please acknowledge the response posted before you begin sharing your thoughts. It it a nice strategy in the classroom (and workplace!) to briefly note what someone else said as a courtesy and transition to your own ideas. This is an opportunity to share your opinion and read others’ opinions, too.

For example: I realized when I was earning my MA that I’m an aural learner– this means that I learn more effectively when I listen and hear content. For me, listening to music or the radio, for example, is beneficial to learning a foreign language. I learned Spanish in middle school and high school, and even though it takes time for me to be able to think of a sentence and speak it, my listening comprehension is strong and I try to keep this up by listening to 105.7 on the radio. When I travel to Taiwan, for example, it takes a few days for me to feel confident to speak to locals in Mandarin, but being surrounded by Mandarin 24/7 quickly re-starts my ability to also speak Mandarin. I would suggest to help acquiring a language, keep some of the language in the background noise so that you have passive reinforcement.

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