Discussion Board 6520 1

Please you have to write like an essay not only question answers. you have to go depth of the content and write an about 2-3 paragraph of including all the question answers.

Assignment 2: Week 7 Discussion 2: FDD and DSDM

Choose ONLY ONE of the videos below and post your reply PLEASE LIST THE NAME OF THE VIDEO YOU ARE REVIEWING for ease of grading, thank you.

  1. Overview of key content from the video
  2. Key content that has value to YOU and WHY
  3. List the basic concepts of “Agile Lean Frameworks” in relation to each video

Video 1: Agile Lean Frameworks (Focus on the FDD section for your post)

Discussion Post Requirements:

As with all Discussion Posts, your original post is due WEDNESDAY each week, end of day. At least TWO replies to fellow students are due SATURDAY end of day.

AVOID: “I liked the video” or “the video was important” without saying why. Explain your concepts with core definitions and descriptions.

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