Discussion Board Question 170

For this assignment, you will participate in a class discussion about the topic of The Role of the Project Manager Week 2 readings PMBOK® Guide (6th edition): Part 1 Chapter 3.

You are welcome to use any additional source you find appropriate for this assignment. Remember to cite and list your references.

For your initial response write and post a substantive response to the following:

Question 1: Using PMBOK® Guide (6th edition): Part 1 Chapter 3 as a guide, formulate a position/job description for a Project Manager in an industry with which you are familiar.


Title: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: (PMBOK Guide -sixth edition)

Author: Project Management Institute, Inc.

Publisher: Project Management Institute, Inc.

Year Published: 2017 Edition: 6th ISBN: 13: 9781628251845

Question 2: The PMBOK® Guide provides a framework for the project charter; what is somewhat unfortunate is that most organizations have independently developed their own ideas of what should be included in a project charter (if they create one in the first place). Describe and discuss the importance of the initiating process group and the project charter. Discuss the importance of the project charter and its relevance to successfully managing a project. Does your organization (or an organization with which you are familiar) have a formal project initiation process and does it use a project charter? Are their projects generally successful (on time, on budget, at the scope and quality expected)? Why or Why not?

Your initial submission should be approximately 550-650 words. Your summary should include APA 6.0 compliant in-text citations and references.

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