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Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government. —Thomas Jefferson

A hot-button issue in the American/International Political climate is climate change. This has also been heavily influenced by media interpretation and coverage. The scientific evidence supports the perspective that global climate change is the result of the impact of our species on the environment. However, some hold the perspective that it is just part of the earth’s natural cycle. In the meantime, billions of dollars are being invested in projects and initiatives related to climate change. This has become a very divisive issue, with strong opinions about the topic. It also raises the question of who should be trusted when it comes to issues such as these—the people running our governments, scientists, or the media.

After reviewing this week’s material, in your initial response, consider each perspective. In America, what “side” of the climate change issue do you hear about most from politicians or the media? Do you think this could have an influence on the direction in which climate change research is headed? Why or why not?

Consider what you have learned about the relationship between modern-day issues and the inherent value of the natural sciences.

When responding to your peers’ posts, explain why you agree or disagree with their point of view. Thinking about what you have learned about our obligations as citizens, describe why it is important for citizens to be informed about the science behind this issue. Consider what information you would want to have if you were making a decision about this issue, and when not knowing enough might lead to a poor outcome.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Peer 1

Samantha Anderson posted Feb 18, 2020 10:16 AM

The articles in this module’s text were very interesting. Each have valid points and explain their point of view in a convincing way. I find myself still unsure of which is correct. It is important to understand that there must be an underlying purpose for each perception of this topic. I think it is very convenient for researchers to test only one area of the continent, which seems to be the warmest because of natural occurrences. I find it appalling that people do not work together and use the data for our Earth’s advantage. Because that’s all that really matters in the end. We shouldn’t want to push the public into believing something untrue or present only half of the important information.

In the media, I think it depends on which news stations you follow. As sad as it is they are also very bias. For me, though, I seem to read and hear more about Global Warming caused by humans. I am very aware, especially now, of sources and reliability. I do, however, still scroll Facebook like any other. If I read something interesting and want to verify, I will open a tab and research it for myself to be sure. If I plan to share it with another person, I want to be positive I am not handing out false information. When reading articles about my specific topic and others, I tend to head straight to the sources to determine if their background is acceptable for the issue. Who is the author of the article? Are they a scientist? A journalist? A politician?

The majority of the public look up to our Government. We look to them to keep us informed, safe, and taken care of. Politicians can enhance their viewpoints on important issues with their loud voices. People are watching them and it is crucial to keep all of us well-informed about what is going on in our country and globally. Our country can not operate correctly when divided and misinformed.

Peer 2

John Nesgoda posted Feb 16, 2020 11:57 AM

Hello Everyone!

I can’t believe we are in week seven already! What a great topic to debate this week. Climate change is such a hot topic and one that has such a variety of responses in the political and media arenas.

I loved the video of Dr. Neil deGrasse, Science vs. Politics. I found it interesting when he identified that there are political leaders who are mostly lawyers and with a spatter of business-oriented individuals. It is my opinion that this makes sense, as most subject matter experts, who are quite brilliant, with undeniable talents, are not usually interested in the spotlight or not great public speakers.

In an attempt to remain objective, I believe it is important to hear both sides of political debates. With that said, in America, the “side” of climate change issues I hear about most is from the media as they are the ones that bring politics to my living room. The “side” usually depends on the channel that is currently on and what their interests are.

Blindly and with limited to no research, I believed that media has the potential to influence the direction in which climate change research is headed. However, I do not think enough credit is given to the average American these days. Americans have access to vast amounts of information and knowledge. I feel that Americans can see through the propaganda and make intelligent, well-thought decisions. While I believe that media can influence the direction of climate change research, I wonder to what extent.

After some research I came across the research paper, Shifting public engagement: How media coverage of climate change conferences affects climate change audience segments. It identified media had “limited changes in public opinion” (Wonneberger, et al., 2019).

The article indicates, “Overall, our study finds small media effects. Certainly, no large and sudden changes should be expected from a single event that is competing for attention with other events or ongoing problems and debates” (Wonneberger, et al., 2019).

It is an interesting read and I would recommend you check it out:


This is merely one study, what are your thoughts?



Wonneberger, A., Meijers, M. H. C., & Schuck, A. R. T. (2019). Shifting public engagement: How media coverage of climate change conferences affects climate change audience segments. PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING OF SCIENCE. https://doi-org.ezproxy.snhu.edu/10.1177/096366251…


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