Discussion Replies 66

By Sunday night at 11:59pm, please reply to as least two ofyour peer’s posts. Each reply must be at least 100 words. In eachreply, please do at least one of the following:

1 Note something you have in common with your peer

2. Share some feedback in response to their thoughts or feelings about their post.

Classmate 1 :

I think that my self-concept has changed over the years withdifferent experiences lived and also different people surrounding me butmore noticeable from the stage of adolescent to early adulthood. Havingvarious life experiences and also different people in my life along theyears could modify a self-concept. A part of my self-concept that haschanged is in the characteristic of personality, when I was younger mymother and family members have told me that I was very talkative and nowI do tend to be more shy and not as expressive. The parts of myself-concept that has remained somewhat the same is in thecharacteristic culture, considering my self as part of a collectivisticculture and remaining somewhat true for most of the time to thatcharacteristic. Another way in which my self-concept has changed overthe course of time is social comparison, by surrounding my self withdifferent groups of people that I consider have similar goals andcharacteristics to mine to be able to compare to make the right choicesto follow the path to my goals. The reference groups that areparticularly more important to me are my family, friends andco-workers.

Classmate 2

-My self concept has changed a lot over the years. In my adolescentyears, I had trouble really developing a self concept. I was more of aquiet and shy kid growing up so it was hard for me to really describemyself as a person. If I was going to have a self-concept during myadolescent age, it would be friendly. I was always trying my best tomake friends even if I came off awkward at times. Moving forward to myadult life, my self-concept has changed in some aspects, but stayed thesame in other ways. For instance, I grew more brave to talk and actuallystart conversations with people. It was hard at first cause of socialanxiety. However, I grew out of my shell and can have conversations withpeople in a more natural way. I also have grown to be a hard worker. Igrew this aspect of myself through working. Lastly, my friendly naturehas remained constant. I’m still a very approachable and silly dude. Ireally enjoy joking around and talking to people.

-In terms of reference groups, people who set good examples areimportant to me. This can be a multitude of people. It can be my peers,family, or friends. I find it good to see someone accomplishing greatfeats, and learning from what they did. Then, applying to it myself ifit’s applicable.

-I discovered that people might think of me a different way that Iwouldn’t have at first glance. After I reviewed their adjectives, Irealized they were all right.

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