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My experience with living within a budget has really become apparent recently with the corona virus becoming apart of our daily lives. Especially at the beginning of the pandemic when everyone was forced out of work and made to stay at home my job was closed and was not offering any type of compensation for the missed work. Thankfully I had saving in my account that was able to last me the entire lock down and since the hardcore lock down has been lifted I have been able to return back to work. While being able to return to work is a good thing it has not been the best because like many other people I have been offered less hours than before and that has resulted in me tightening my budget. Luckily though since lock down has been going on I have not been going out for dinner or drinks or anything like that as much as I would have before so it has been easier to save money that way. I do believe this will be a good control system for the future because it has showed me that I really will noit be missing much by just making dinner at home and having a nice night ion and saving money rather than going out and spending a bunch.

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A budget is a financial plan for a certain amount of time. This is used to ultimately save money. One time where I had to use a budget is when I used to buy school lunch at school. Every two weeks my mom used to give me twenty dollars to put into my school lunch account and I had to make that last for exactly two weeks. There were multiple food items that I could pick from every day, and I had to pick the food items that would not make me go over my spending limit. I had to know what every item on the school lunch menu cost so I could add it up when I had picked everything that I wanted to eat for that day. I also had to make sure that I did not get extra snacks that would put me over my spending limit for the day.

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