Discussions Its 2 Please Read Carefully

In this participation discussion, I’d like you to consider the Euthyphro Problem for Divine Command Theory. You can do one of two things to receive credit for the discussion forum:

1. Briefly explain Divine Command Theory in your own words. Then, explain why the Euthyphro Dilemma poses a problem for Divine Command Theory, and whether you think that there is an acceptable solution. Additionally, you must respond to at least one of your classmates.


2. Respond substantively to several of your classmates’ posts. To respond substantively, you must (a) politely correct a mistake that you think they have made in their response to (1), or (b) respond to their position on whether Divine Command Theory is a plausible ethical theory given the Euthyphro Problem.

Details about Participation Discussions

Participation discussions are graded pass/fail. In order to pass this discussion, you must:

  1. Answer the prompt above and acknowledge those that respond to your initial post before the discussion forum closes at the conclusion of the Module (respond to at least one of your classmates).
  2. Alternatively, if you think that you understand the theory well, you may comment on at least two of your peers’ posts to receive credit.

In order to get full credit for the participation discussions in this course, you must participate in at least four of the six participation discussions. Participation discussions will only be open for the duration of the Module. Students may not participate in these discussions after the discussion is closed – no make-up posts are allowed.


For this News Briefing Quest task (15 points), pick and analyze a U.S. political news article from RealClearPolitics. Each task is minimum 250/maximum 350 words, and should follow this outline:

1st Paragraph: Summarize the article in your own words to avoid TurnItIn from detecting plagiarism (see Academic Honesty policy in the syllabus). For information on how to summarize appropriately, visit Purdue OWL: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing.

2nd Paragraph: Relate the article to the topic and readings of the level you are currently completing.

3rd Paragraph: Present your own opinion about the political issue, and include the link to the article you selected.


  1. Go to RealClearPolitics.
  2. Pick a news article on a U.S. politics issue not older than seven days from the day you complete this assignment.
  3. Include the weblink at the end of your assignment. This is required.
  4. Structure your 3 paragraphs according to the outline above.
  5. Do not write about the same U.S. politics issue twice in this class.

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