Emerging Threats Amp Countermeasure 5

Thisdefense in depth discussion scenario is an intentional cybersecurityattack on the water utility’s SCADA system. It occurs during the fallafter a dry summer in Fringe City.


Thewater utility’s Information Technology (IT) person did not receive anexpected pay raise and decides to reprogram the SCADA system to shut offthe high-lift pumps. The operator’s familiarity with the SCADA systemallows him to reprogram the alarms that typically notify operators of ahigh-lift pump failure. In addition, he prevents access to the SCADAsystem by others. A wildfire breaks out on the outskirts of the city.


Please identify what type(s) of new countermeasures should have been implemented to prevent this cyber-attack from occurring.

  • APA
  • Minimum 1 page
    • Title page
    • Abstract
    • Body (in-text citations)
    • Conclusion
    • References (3 min)

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