English 1a Review Feedback

I would like for you to write an evaluation or review of a business, a product, or movie/album. As your text details, consider which information needs to be included to make your evaluation argumentative in nature but also helpful to the people that read it. Write descriptively about your subject but try to mostly focus on your analysis of its qualities.This means you will have to decide which criteria you think is important to you (choose at least 3-4) and base your review on those aspects of your subject. For a list of possible criteria, please see chapter 6 and the charts listed on those pages. Lastly, comment on two of your classmates’ reviews, by distinguishing which criteria you think they chose to focus on in their evaluations. Your responses should be 150-200 words in length.


Esperanza Nelson

Discussion 3

The product that I will be reviewing today is Tatcha the water cream mask. The water cream mask provides a Nutra rich balance hydration with an unique water-burst that breaks upon the skin as you apply it to deliver nourishment without leaving the skin sticky or greasy. When using this product it clarifies a refined skin with pure powerful Japanese Botanicals . The Japanese wild rose tightens pores and smooths skin texture. The Japanese Leopard Lily helps control access oil and purify skin by supporting natural skin turnover. I have use this product myself because I have sensitive skin and so can’t use a lot of product. I was hesitant to use it becouse I have used cleansers that were similar to this one and they make my skin burn and I would start peeling. When I started using this product it made my skin less oily and made the bumps that I had on my forehead go away.


Andrew Angelcor

I recently started at a new gym in town and I must say I am impressed. I was greeted by the friendly staff as soon as I walked in the door and made to be felt at home. They took the time to educate me on the services they provided and even gave me a free consultation to evaluate my fitness goals and map out a plan to achieve them. They gave me a tour of the place and I was impressed with the cleanliness and order of the facility. I observed other trainers with their clients and noticed the positive energy being exchanged between the two of them. Upon attending my first group fitness class they offer I was engulfed in the love and camaraderie between the trainers and the members. The class was led by a very confident and knowledgeable individual who made me feel safe and a part of the team as though I had been there for years. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with them.

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