Enterprise Resource Planning 15

(Code: A64/ date12/6/2020 )


Which subject: Enterprise Resource Planning.

I attach the assignment question and the answer just I want from you to (solve the feedback ,check the grammar,add some photos to improve the answer).

The feedback:


Format: Use “Justify in the alignment” instead of align- left.

Task 2 -Q1: Details and explantion are both clear. However, try to provide a separate paragraph for each success factor so the format becomes more better.

Task 2- Q2: Make it clear if “Phased and Roll-Out” Or “Phased” or “Roll-Out”. Do not just explain the adv/dis of both approach. Avoid too much bullet and explain it properly. You must provide a supporting details related to roll-out/phased approach. Make sure that you shall link those resources you will use about roll-out/phased approach to the details provided in the case study of BPCL. Remember that your justification that BPCL used ‘Roll-out/phased” shall be clear and must be supported by some literature.

Task 3: Title could be improved. Citations are missing in the introduction and other parts of the article. Needs further details to make it clear and complete especially in the part of -How ERP system implementation affects the performance of the business in Middle East? And the reasons why Businesses nowadays in Oman invest in the ERP system?” -Project Management/Risk management

Needs more improvement in task 3.

Conclusion is missing.

All figures and diagrams must have its source at the bottom of upper part of the drawing and must be in CU Hvard Style.

Provide more references and ensure that it is in CU Hvard style.

Calculations or thury:


How many words: 100-200


Turniti report needed Similarity less than5% .

All the requirements in attach file .

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