ewrt2 read the book and do the discussion in 250 300 words

book link:https://www.gq.com/story/truck-stop-killer-gq-nove…

For this Discussion Forum, respond to the following prompt in 250-300 words, quoting the text at least once in your response. (Please note that quoted material does not apply to your word count.) In addition, please respond to 3 peers.

Stories of adventure and danger continually sell magazines. In fact, the old and worn adage, “sex sells” would be recast as “adventure sells.” Think back to Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air” and its original publication in Outside Magazine. Not only did it garner considerable interest in Krakauer, but it also launched his lucrative book with the same title. Interestingly, Vanessa Vaselka’s article, “The Truck Stop Killer,” about the harrowing wilderness of interstate truck stops, including her own brush with death, was published in GQ, a magazine which appeals primarily to male audiences. While many readers would have a difficult time seeing Vaselka’s essay as an adventure narrative, I think others would see the parallels. Do you? She lives to tell the story of survival amidst almost incomprehensible danger. In your response, reflect on the placement of Vaselka’s article in a men’s magazine, analyze the impact of her narrative on you as a reader, and comment on the way she constructed her essay.


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