Experiment Building Molecular Model


1. PUe-Lab

2. Data part 1 -Molview.org

sketch drawings of the ball and stick model and the lewis structure in the table provided.

3. part 2 – building molecular models.

1.Please identify what represents each of the following it¶s okay if some are represented by the same item, you just have to write down what you chose here):

a.Single bond – 1 toothpick

b.Double bond – 2 toothpicks

c.Triple bond – 3 toothpicks

d.Carbon atom –

e.Hydrogen atom –

f.Nitrogen atom –

g.Boron atom –

h.Oxygen atom –

i.Chlorine atom –

j.Fluorine atom –

k.Sulfur atom –

l.Lone pairs – marshmallow

2.Please fill in the following table (Note that in the table, A = central atom, X = ligands, and E = lone pairs.): First, sketch the lewis dot diagram, build your model, then sketch the model based on your 3D model, and take a picture.

4. Post – lab

1.What does VSEPR stand for?

2.Explain how VSEPR is used to predict the geometry of molecules. Be specific.

3.Why do you need a correct Lewis structure before you can use VSEPR to predict a molecule¶s geometry?

4.Consider the Lewis structure for water. Explain why the water molecule is not linear.

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