For This Assignment I Need Detailed Deposition Summaries For Three Different Plaintiffs In A Civil Case Scenario

Specific given instructions on how the depositions are to be written.

A deposition summary is an objective, concise clerical digest of the main point of a depositiontranscript. The summary identifies important points in the deposition by page and line. PageLine summaries are generally formatted to include columns for (1) page-line (“pg:ln”); (2)exhibit; and (3) summary of deposition testimony. An effective deposition summary is concise,yet contains sufficient detail as to enable the trial attorney to quickly reference the deposition forthe point that is made. A deposition summary ratio is approximately 10:1 – i.e. 10 pages of adeposition transcript is 1 page of the deposition summary.In addition to creating deposition summaries that accurately summarize the depositiontranscripts, we will need to review the deposition transcripts to identify any areas whichDefendants did not have a response and a supplement is required. Accordingly, in the depositionsummaries please put in red text, identifying the page and line.

Deliverables: Deposition summaries of (1) Arlene Klindinst; (2) John Bred; Lisa Ann

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