For This Discussion Review The Textbook S Discussion On Noble Cause Corruption As Described By Karl Klockars On Page 131 It S A Very Important Concept Police Not Playing By The Book Not For Personal Gain

For this discussion review the textbook’s discussion on noble cause corruption as described by Karl Klockars on page 131. It’s a very important concept. Police not playing by the book not for personal gain but to save lives, stop crime, taking care of the greater good.

From page 131:

“Klockars (1983) presented us with a type of noble-cause corruption in the “Dirty Harry problem” (from the Clint Eastwood movie), asking whether it was ethically acceptable for a police officer to inflict pain on a suspect in order to acquire informa- tion that would save an innocent victim. “

Do the good ends (or intentions – because the kidnapped girl did not survive but Detective Harry Callahan does not know that) justify the bad means (illegal action) in the video clip which you an view here:

So, what is your take on the Dirty Harry problem? Is there room to not always follow the ethical rules? Did Dirty Harry engage in torture of the suspect? Did he have other choices?

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