Forest Fire Assignment

Forest Fire Assignment (20 pts)

Due October 1 by 11:59 pm

1st watch the 60 Minutes segment from 2013!

60 Min from 2013—seven years ago!

2nd watch the Trump Interview (Sept14, 2020)

3rd look at fire statistics since 2013 60 Minutes segment

Wildfire Facts and Stats…

This assignment is worth double the amount of points [20 points total]

First part of assignment…

How have fire management practices changed in the past 100 years regarding US forests? Why were these changes proposed and carried out?

Does Scandanavia sweep their forests?—why don’t they have massive fires??

How have fires in the last 10 years compared to previous times?

Second part of assignment…

Does climate change have any potential impact on forest fires? Why or why not?

With the knowledge you have gained outline a basic fire management program to introduce at your family’s next Thanksgiving Day feast—list your major initiatives and what you think needs to be done to reduce the forest fire threat over the next 10 years.

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