Free Writing 14

EPSY 203: Being White in a Multicultural Society

RWA #3 – Cognitive Biases

1.Without reading the article we’ve assigned for this week, we want you to reflect on how you handle stereotypes when they come up for you. What are the means by which you try to work with your own cognitive biases or stereotypes? What technique have you used when you noticed a stereotype pop up in your head?

2.Ask one other person about how they go about handling a stereotype thought when it arises in their heads. Describe what they share with you.

3.We have posted an article by Patricia Devine on cognitive bias to the Compass page. Read through the article and describe how she invites people to think about addressing their stereotypes or cognitive biases. What are your reactions to her ideas? What do you think about the interventions she offers to help people break their habits?

Submit your completed RWA 3 in Compass by Saturday at noon. Let us know if you have any questions.

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