Gantt And Pert Chart

The important thing to remember about project management is that, if done correctly, it will allow you to see your progress, enable the completion of the project in a timely manner, and keep everyone happy. Just a few thoughts from the past two weeks:

First: Watch this: (Links to an external site.

And for fun, then this: (Links to an external site.)

As you can see, PM can be very frustrating, but if you continue to be flexible while working through it, and if you stay on top of your plan and deadlines, you can be successful.

In the discussion board – answer the following questions:

What is your impression of Gantt and PERT charts? Which one do you think you will find easier to work with? Did you gain an understanding of how a WBS might assist you in planning and bidding on projects for your company? Take a few minutes and discuss the answers to these questions and share insights that you think your classmates might find helpful.

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