Generate A Hypothesis On What You Think The Relationship Between Power Distance Dimension Of Culture And Extraversion Personality Dimension Would Be Positive Negative Null Across Countries

Generate a hypothesis on what you think the relationship between power distance [dimension of culture] and extraversion [personality dimension] would be (positive, negative, null) across countries. The hypothesis should be a statement along the lines of: “The more the culture of a country is X [dimension of culture], the more/less people living in this country are, on average, Y [personality dimension].” Please explain the logic behind your hypothesis. Why are you making this prediction? What is the rationale? [3-4 sentences minimum]

  • Power Distance (Dimension of culture) — extent to which members of a society accept that power in institutions and organizations is distributed unequally.
  • Extraversion (Personality dimension) — Refers to the degree to which one is sociable versus introverted, fun loving versus sober, and affectionate versus reserved.

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