Gilded Age Assignment

In at least two well-developed paragraphs (and a paragraph is at least five to seven sentences) discuss the negative attitudes toward immigrants and the nativist sentiment that prevailed in the Gilded Age. Then, using our NewsBank database or credible news sources available online or via other mediums, compare these to the current attitudes in America about immigration and any political debate/discussion that surrounds it.

The guidelines for this assignment are:

  1. Your response must be two well-developed paragraphs of a minimum of five sentences each.
  2. Your complete word count on this assignment must be at least 250 words.
  3. You must use at least three credible sources. One of these is the Gilded Age Nativism Resource on our course page. The other two are credible news sources.
  4. You must cite all direct quotes and paraphrased material with proper APA in-text citations in the paragraphs.
  5. At the bottom of your submission (right below the paragraphs), you must include an APA-style bibliography of all the sources you used.
  6. Your submission should be free of grammar, content, and style errors

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