Group Paper Only Need To Do One Part

Topic-Fraud Person-You must get approval for your selection from the instructor prior to beginning. The paper will cover-introduction of the fraudster, the background and history, how they committed the fraud via the fraud triangle, how you would correct the issue, what accounting principles they violated, your recommendations for a fix, internal and external controls violated, and a conclusion.

You will submit a Group Paper and Power Point Presentation with Audio.All Group members must take part in the PPT Presentation for Credit. Please make sure to identify which slides were written and narrated by each student, so you get credit for your work.

Each group member must submit their portion of the project, to the person in the group that will compile the final product, in a timely manner keeping in mind your due date. Each group member will complete 5 to 7 pages of the group paper, not including the title page, abstract, or reference pages. You must include on the title page and title slide, your Group #, Course Number, and the names of all students in the group. Wikipedia and the dictionary ARE NOT to be used as a reference. STAPLE the paper together.

This is the group essay, the topic we chose is “Celadon Group case”, my portion to write for this project is introduction of the fraudster and the background and history, after you finish the paper, need to create a PowerPoint for it, I need to record audio in the powerpoint, so i need you to write what should i talk in the powerpoint notes.

Please let me know if you have any other question.

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