Health Care Ethics Discussion 3

-Do a google research on “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” and answer these questions:

1. Who is Henrietta Lacks and what is so significant about her death or shall I say life?

2. If you discovered that tissue routinely removed from your body at some point in the past went on to significantly benefit science and research, would you feel that you should somehow be compensated?

3. What do you think is more important – a person’s personal rights over their own tissue, or contributing to science and research for the benefit of all. And you make your decision based on what theory? humankind?

4. After all the contributions of HeLa, how do you feel about her family not being able to benefit?


1- Must be More than 400 words. APA Style.

2- Minimum 4 references.

3- Please remember that you should specifically respond to the questions. The questions must be included in the paper”

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