Help Answering 10 Easy Questions


When I have a rubber band stretched tightly between my fingers ready to shoot it at my friend, this is an example of:

Group of answer choicespotential energy


light energy

kinetic energy

chemical energy


Which of the following structures are found in plant cells but not in animal cells?

Group of answer choicesplasma membrane

central vacuole



Golgi apparatus


What is it called when an environmental factor changes the shape of an enzyme so that it no longer works to catalyze a reaction?

Group of answer choiceskilling the enzyme

induced fit

lowering activation energy

denaturing the enzyme

inhibition of the enzyme


Which of the following is not a structure found in all cells?

Group of answer choicesplasma membrane






Which of the following organelles work together to manufacture proteins and ship them out for use?

Group of answer choicesnucleus, smooth ER, mitochondria

smooth ER, rough ER, mitochondria

smooth ER, rough ER, Golgi apparatus

ribosome, rough ER, Golgi apparatus

ribosome, rough ER, mitochondria


A cell filled with a 0.7 M solution is placed into a dish containing a 0.4 M solution. The cell’s membrane is permeable to water but not to the solute. Which of the following statements is correct?

Group of answer choicesThe cell will shrivel

The solute will tend to move into the cell

The solution outside of the cell is hypertonic to the solution inside of the cell

The cell could lyse

The solute will tend to move out of the cell.


Martin has a very low tolerance for alcohol – two beers and he’s falling down drunk. This is likely at least partly linked to a small amount of which organelle in his cells?

Group of answer choicessmooth endoplasmic reticulum


Golgi apparatus

rough endoplasmic reticulum



Photosynthesis is an exergonic reaction.

Group of answer choicesTrue



Which of the following statements about transport across membranes is false?

Group of answer choicesosmosis is the diffusion of water

diffusion moves substances from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration

facilitated diffusion is a type of active transport

active transport typically requires the use of a transport protein

active transport moves a substance against its concentration gradient


Your lab instructor asks you to look through the microscope to see a prokaryotic cell. You will be looking for a cell that:

Group of answer choicesdoes not have genes made of DNA.

has a nucleus.

has chloroplasts.

has membrane-bound organelles.

has a cell wall and a nucleoid.

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