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We talked about the Erikson stage of infancy, Trust vs Mistrust, during our discussion of developmental theories, with supportive materials from Chapters 1, 5-7, and Module 6. Take time to review those materials before completing the assignment.

Trust is the foundation of relationship. Imagine now that you are a new parent and you want to make the first year of your baby’s life as “trustful” as possible. In a 2 page paper, describe how you might use routine caregiving, interactive activities, and even how you design and set up the nursery or baby area to foster and support the development of trust during the first year of life.

If you use quotes from the text or the materials in Module 6 or any other resources, be sure to cite them completely. Points will be taken off for work that is a “copy and paste” and for quotes not cited. Grammar, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and college level writing will be reflected in your total points. Cuyamaca provides virtual tutoring (Links to an external site.) so you can get help with the editing after you write your paper.

This paper is due by Friday, October 2nd, 11:59PM. You will submit it in Canvas as a doc, docx, or pdf file.

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