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Learn Genetics

Recessive and Dominant Inherited Traits

Several years ago, I discovered a great online resource for exploring and learning about heredity and genetics in a fun, hands on way. It’s a website developed by the University of Utah for educators from middle school through college to use when teaching about heredity and genetics. I was so excited, I had to share the information with my son-in-law who is a fantastic high school biology teacher. He, of course, already knew about the website and had been using it for years.

The website for learn.genetics (Links to an external site.) is full of fun activities, videos, and follow up materials. I want you just to explore all it has to offer. Seriously, don’t rush through this. It’s all about YOU! Discover the wonderfulness of you!

Discussion Assignment:

Note: before starting this discussion , be sure you’ve familiarized yourself with the Definitions of Heredity terms.

When you are done exploring the learn.genetics (Links to an external site.) website, take a look at the information page on recessive and dominant observable traits (Links to an external site.), and see which ones you have or don’t. In face to face classes, we do this with a hand raise in class.

But online, I’d like you to:

  • Make a list of the traits show on the observable traits page.
  • Now indicate which ones you have that are 1) dominantly inherited and
  • the ones you have that are 2) recessively inherited.
  • Then scroll through the posted discussions and click “like” for your classmates that have a similar inheritance pattern to yours. Similar means they have the exact same dominant/recessive traits that you do.

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