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Due: Sunday by 11:59pm

Now that we have gone over the requirements attached to the essay for Project 3, let’s start the reading. This project is based off of your response to the first chapter of Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s book. The first chapter is entitled “Monster Culture.” Spoiler alert: Even though his theses and the content is fascinating, Cohen doesn’t really care if you understand him–his language is academic and can be excessively dense at times. I only want to share this before we start because I want to assure you that it might take some time to read and understand the text. Don’t worry, I’ve provided you with my notes.

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If you are having trouble with the material in the article, I have provided below a Crib Sheet for understanding the seven theses. Feel free to use my notes to your advantage; this is a hard and difficult text to get into, and Cohen uses very dense language.

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When you have finished reading “Monster Culture,” please fill out the following PACES Worksheet. When the worksheet references strategies, it is asking you to write down how Cohen is connecting or not with his audience. Please reference ethos, pathos, logos, and what we learned in Project 2 about connecting with an audience (TED-Connecting through Stories .pdfPreview the document).

I have also put together a handout on tone if you are having trouble describing Cohen’s writing: 155 Words to Describe an Author.pdfPreview the document)

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