How Can You Prove Coding With The Cpt

  • Directions
    Now that you’ve had a chance to compare your answers from the Coding Scenario in the discussion to your peers, how did you do on that activity? This assignment asks you to write a reflection about improving your coding with the CPT classification system by considering how you can correct any errors you made in your coding of the scenario. Reflection is important because it gives you an opportunity to think about how you can improve or continue to build upon the skills you are learning in this course. It also gives your instructor a chance to see how you feel about how you’re doing and determine if you need any additional help.DIRECTIONS: Consider how you did on the Coding Scenario (Discussion) and how your answers compared to the answers of your peers. Write a 1-2 paragraph (150-250 word) reflection on learning about the CPT coding system. Your reflection should answer the following questions:
    1. What errors did you make on the initial post regarding coding for the given scenario?
    2. Why do you think you made those errors?
    3. How can you correct any steps you missed or did incorrectly?
    4. Why is it important for healthcare employees to use the CPT coding system correctly? What are some consequences of incorrect coding?

    You may type your reflection in the space provided or upload a Microsoft Word document.

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